Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's very hard to take pictures inside a speeding car :P

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tea lady!

"Do you need a tea lady?"

Gawd knows how many people I've asked that question recently. I've even asked the door-guy who looks after the apartment building *grin*

So it shouldn't really be that much of a surprise when someone actually took me up on my offer and made me into one! *lol* I'm now a proud employee of Yumchaa :)

My first day's been mixed. Everyone was full of encouragement - even when I was partially responsible for a customer spilling his espresso on his suit... In front of the Boss Lady *cringe* Five minutes later, my sausage-like butterfingers soon followed up on the faux pas, when they let slip a cup full of ice. I essentially threw ice cubes at the customer... Again, all this under the eagle eyes of the Boss Lady *double cringe* I never realised before how much of a klutz I am. Sure, I occasionally trip over my own feet. However, I'm fast learning that the rest of me is pretty uncoordinated too :P

I'm kind of surprised actually, that not only am I still employed as a tea lady, but that I was given my share of the tips at the end of my shift (all 1.70 squiddies of it *lol*).

It's been an interesting day, as I suddenly started equating the cost of everything to how much I had to work to earn it. A coffee? That's close to half an hour's work. Two coffees in a day suddenly seems like a luxury. Something that seemed like a drop in the ocean before, now looked more like a bucket in a bathtub.

Another interesting thing for me, is that I'll be working with a completely different set of people than what I'm used to. For starters, I must be Rondon's oldest tea lady. Though, except for my supervisor, I don't think any of the others I met today realised this due to my youthful-looking, well-moisturised skin *grin* So it's kinda hilarious when the young ones look at me sagely and dose out some advice for the newbie. One youngen, gave me a lengthy explanation on why her method of grilling foccacia was better than mine as she thought I would be upset about being corrected. Aah bless :) It's more likely to take a fat angry man to make me cry. Besides the point - it's a freaking foccacia! Who cares how it gets grilled as long as it gets grilled??

I'm really looking forward to my tenure at Yumchaa :) A long time ago, I use to say that I wanted to open my own coffee shop. This is just one test on whether or not opening my own cafe is something I can be passionate about in the future. I'm planning on writing up some reviews on the teas in the shop to help me with my
customer recommendations. They smell and taste sooo good! The tea that is, sniffing the customers is probably a sackable offence :P

Boss Lady - If you're reading this, I may have chased away potential regulars, BUT at least I didn't break a single thing today :) Does that mean you're not going to dock my pay? ;)

Everyone else - Come visit me in Soho, and remember to tip!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stupid <3

There is and there isn't a guy. He flits very randomly in and out of my life with very little notice. He flits in, we get on like a house on fire. He flits out, and a faint imprint is left behind...

The unspoken rules of "No Strings Attached" (for the BASIC geek in you):
10 Well, you don't get attached for starters
20 You don't ever contemplate the possibility of a future together
30 GOTO 10

(Most people remember their first program as "Hello World". Mine was a green Logo turtle which made an equilateral triangle :) )

Problem is, each time it happens, the imprint gets deeper. Here's where it fcking sucks to be a girl. Most guys I've spoken to about this, can just cut off emotionally. They put it away. Emotions out of sight are out of mind.

As a girl, I didn't care at the start. It's just fun. It's nothing serious. Think of the baggage. BIG BIIIIG baggage.

The tumbleweed sweeps by. It's still fun. We get along *so* well. But hell, different cities, different priorities, it's never going to work. Still thinking of the baggage.

The dust storm rolls in. I start thinking "what if". What if he moves back to this city. He's always talking about coming back. We click. We spark. That's why I forgave when he said sorry. It took a lot for him to say sorry, and I really appreciated it. Now I'm starting to wonder if he thinks about me too. Now the baggage is BIG, but maybe it's not soo BIIIIG if things ever got serious.

Dangerous thoughts. That's unspoken line 20 broken.

Dang hard to resist.
It's _especially_ hard to resist when he's been training lots and seriously has the body of a Greek god *grin* It's dang near impossible to resist when someone you want, wants you back.

So now I'm just waiting for the hurricane to hit. I won't know when it'll be.

Stupid heart. I should just cut the strings now.

Bonus: Since I'm being nostalgic, here's pics from the Invader exhibition recently held at Lazarides: