Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I could only ask an EastRondoner this...

Me: "Are Pikeys real?!?"
J: "Well I haven't come across any lately, but..."
Me: "What, you mean they're not in your backyard these days?" *grin*
Snatch, it's still one of my fave all-time movies :)

And now... Meatfest:

(Top-left is what a 1kg steak looks like!)
My lobster bisque entree?!?

Just kidding, here tis!

le 600g T-Bone
(did you know, one side is Porterhouse, and the other Fillet?)

le 350g New York Strip Steak
Num numm nummm indeedy!

Goodman! Thoroughly recommend it. Little bit on the salty-well-seasoned side, however, great cuts of beef.

Stick yer arm out!

Me: "Do you mind if I take a picture of your tattoo?"
Random Guy: "Yeah owright, but quickly, I've got a train to catch..."

Err, unfortunately for me, I've had a Bloody Mary + pint of lager + half a bottle o'red. Enough to make me not focus properly...

Monday, July 20, 2009

iPhone DIY

If you're anything like me, you probably don't deserve nice, expensive playthings because it'd slip through your butterfingers and break/crack/die pretty soon after you buy it.

My iPhone has survived 20 months living with me and it's barely in one piece. Poor thing. Today I decided to replace the antenna cover. Here's a DIY site on how to take your iPhone apart. Here's where you can get cheapie iPhone spare parts.
Gawd I love the internets :)

S asked me recently if I wanted to swap my 1st-gen iPhone with her 3G iPhone since she only used her's for weather updates. I looked at her as if she was crazy and an impolite, "NO WAY!" slipped out of my mouth. I also constantly get friends asking me why I don't get a cover for my iPhone to protect it.

I loves my iPhone. I love how it looks. I love its dents, its scratches, its mini patch of lines on the left side of the screen. I love how I hacked it with a chip back in the early days! It's got personality and history. I've taken it everywhere with me over the past 20 months. It doesn't need some pansy-fancy-schmancy ugly cover for protection (sorry if you've got one *grin*). Like me, it just needs a new dress to spruce it up once in awhile ;)

I'm not giving up on it yet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trying hard

... to be a hat person:

(focus on teh VW ring instead ;) )

This isn't me :)

It's a bit dark in here (B would hearts this place):

I plonk myself down at a table of random guys.
Me: "SO. I want you guys to answer a question for me..."
<<insert macho chit chat here>>
Guy 1: "What do you want to know?"
Me: "If you went home with a girl tonight. And she took all her clothes off, and she was totally hot... And she asked you for 50 quid - What would you do?"
Guy 2: "I'd pay it if she was hot!!"
Guy 1: "There's no way I'd pay it. I would never pay for sex0r."
Me: "LIAR, you'd *so* pay for it." *grin*
Guy 3: "If she went home with me, she's got to like me right? I'd pay her 8 quid!"
Me: "WHAAAT?!? She went home with you because she knows you've got 50 quid in your wallet! Cheapskate!"

Aaah, if only they knew I have a blog :P

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fluff attack!

W00t W00t!
Yup, Dance Valley's still as cool as I remembered it 5 years ago :)

At least this time, I made it to Armin's set *lol*

And this time, WE WERE FLUFFIED UP!

Don't ask where the fluff came from...
(Nobody likes Bert very much anyway *grin*)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Which Saturday?

If told that something is happening, "Next Saturday", I'd assume it was the first Saturday I'd experience. I've been chastised! Next Saturday apparently means the Saturday after the coming Saturday :P

If you ask me (and you-know-who-you-are-who-asked-me), I'm taking the literal definition of "Next". Ie: Coming immediately after.

This coming Saturday == Next Saturday;

So be careful when making dates with me :P
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One last...

Recently in the Rondon news, there's a "scandalous" story of an elderly couple committing suicide together in Switzerland. Sir Edward Downes was 85, a distinguished conductor, losing his sight and hearing. His wife, Lady Joan Downes, was 74, a British Royal Ballet dancer, diagnosed terminally ill with cancer.

Half the population condemns them - "His-and-hers convenience deaths have cheapened life".

And I wonder... Could I ever sacrifice myself for the One? Would I ever allow the One to take his own life for my sake? Could I live on without the One?

It's a poignant story.

I don't know how to answer those questions.

I think what Sir and Lady Downes did was immensely brave and selfless.

I think if it was my last moment with the One, I'd want one... last... lingering... kiss... hand-in-hand.

Bravo Sir and Lady Downes.


Happy hour cocktails + a beer + vodka:

A precious ticket to Lady Gaga @ Brixton Academy:

I have to say, Lady Gaga is so much fun to watch :)
If you get the chance to watch her, don't miss it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another one

I made this recently as a gift for K. That night, I was in a mad rush, and didn't really sleep before my flight to NYC. As I made it, I thought about K a lot. Over the decade of D&Ms I've had with K, he's always the one that emerges with the most optimistic end-game.

No matter the hurt...

... K's heart never gives up ;)

I really wish I could learn that from K. Loves ya man! *muah*

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

15 mins of my day

Spent popping into Lazarides gallery. I'd love to invest in art pieces. I keep forgetting that there's more to life than spending money on holidays *grin* If I had a spare 6K squiddies, I'd love to buy this piece from Antony Micallef. Or this one. Coooome on Euromillions *grin*

Anyways, currently on exhibition at Lazarides is,
"Scratching the Surface"
by Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils):

From what I've read on Wooster:
"Vhils' portriats (sic) are made using acid and bleach, as they eat into surfaces to expose layers of posters beneath."

This guy's been doing streetart since he was 13!! ... Makes me wish I had talent...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What's he saying?

Unfortunately, I totally sux0rz at understanding Scottish accents :P
(... and I use to work for a Scottish company!)

Which meant, I missed about half of what Irvine Welsh (author of "Trainspotting"), was reading to me from his new book. I heard him say "f*ck" and "c*nt" a lot. Yup, those words sound the same in any accent :P

To be honest, I remember being frustrated with how "Trainspotting" was written. I liked the movie much better.

Like my coffee?

It was tamped and pulled by the 2009 World Barista Champion ;)

Believe it or not, the champion is a Welshman an Englishman living in Rondon. Who would've thought that the nation with the worst coffee brewers in the world would also have the best? Gwilym owns a couple of unnamed coffee carts in a couple of Rondon markets. Which makes him dang hard to locate :P The only tell-tale sign I had was the Square Mile coffee logo on the coffee grinder. On my first attempt at Whitecross Market, I found the cart but the man wasn't there. I had an average coffee made by an average coffee-pleb :P

My next attempt was at Columbia Flower Market. If you're looking for Gwilym, walk to the end of Columbia road, turn left down a little alley, lookout for "Breakfast & Coffee" signs, and a bluey-green door marked 7b. I think it's Ezra Street. Inside, there's a courtyard with Gwilym's carts. Why on earth don't any of the reviews I've read mention his location?!? :P

Look out for this cool stencil opposite the bluey-green door:

So, how was my coffee that was tamped by a World Champion? Meh. Average *grin* Come on, how extraordinary can you make a normal latte taste? I still thought Flat White did a better latte, but Gwilym won the championship with an exotic espresso tasting of, "hot buttered toast smothered in blackberry jam, along with black currant and some toffee at the end". Not a plain old latte.

Diskies' "Sunny" :)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Conflicting emotions

I will spend my squiddies on flights at a blink of a squinty eye. Yet it took me about 3 weeks of self-cajoling and two passes of the shop, to make this purchase:

It's a Vivienne Westwood skull ring :) Also quite possibly, my first designer purchase. I know... Me, designer jewellery and skulls? The end is nigh :P

On one hand - I feel like a crack whore mother who's run off with my babies' milk money and sold off their nappies on eBay, in order to afford this ring. Talk about extravagant spending during tough times.

On my right hand ;) - Maaan, this ring is cool *grin* Now I have an heirloom for my crack babies to fight over!

Rockin with a Rock God

Recently, instead of buying clothes online when drunk, I purchase gig tickets instead :P Which is how I ended up watching Lenny Kravitz tonight *grin*

Dear lord. 18 years since I first listened to Lenny Kravitz. He hasn't lost his sexy, sultry, edge at all. 18 years and I can still remember the chorus to his songs :) By the end of his first song, I had left the angsty crowd at the front of the stage. Clambering up between 2 poles on the side, I had a clear view of the stage and Lenny all night *grin*

W00t w00t! Lenny rocked my world :) More drunken gig ticket purchases!


...Is that really you?

Unfortunately, he still has that bad haircut that makes him look like a girl. Hard to believe that Paul Oakenfold was once voted the #1 DJ in DJMag. The same spot Armin currently holds, the same spot PvD and Tiesto held... And I'll admit it, I was a fan of Oakey back in the days when Global Underground first kicked off. Back in the days when I was the only one in my circle of friends listening to prog house. I'm just quite surprised that he's still alive and playing...
... in Brixton...
... as the supporting act for Lenny Kravitz?!?

The other weird part is how unfriendly the crowd at Brixton Academy were. As I shuffled my way into the crowd, I got evil stares and harsh comments about pushing to the front. In all the times I've made my way to the front of a gig, I'd never come across hostility before. Come on, it's not like at my height of 5 feet nothing I was going to block anyone's view. These people seriously needed to lighten up. Drink more. Or something.

Irate Girl: "Do you mind? I've been here for an hour, and you've been here for 15 mins". She'd left her spot and come back 5 mins later. My theory is, once you're gone, it's anybody's game.
Me: "Sure, move and I'll step back."
Irate Girl's bf glares at me.

Hey, it's not my fault people aren't smart enough to figure out how gig-crowds work. Nobody should be forced to stand around listening to Oakey play for an hour just to end up near the front ;)