Saturday, June 27, 2009

My question is:

:: Where the hell are my DJ Gods?
:: Where have all the loved-up clubbers gone?
:: Why am I having such difficulty finding a good venue?
:: Where has the good music gone?

I end up at MoS, one of my least favourite places. I'm overdressed. I'm in my pretty patent heels. No dancing for me tonight. By accident, I look like one of those pretentious twits at a dance club. The ones who I usually snigger at *sigh* What's happened?

It's funny watching couples at MoS dance together. They face each other but they completely avoid eye contact *lol*

I miss Turnmills. Badly.

I left at 1am. M.I.K.E was just boring the shits out of me. Think I'll cheer myself up with a Vivienne Westwood skull ring later today.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok, this one's my fault. I kinda knew what to expect. It's my fault for knowing and still going ahead and organising a ketchup session. After all, Self-Absorbed had been hassling me for awhile to get together. That's gotta be a sign that S-A cares about me, right?

Sure enough, as time ticks closer, I get a message to push back dinner by an hour. Just as I'm about to leave the house. Later, as I sit at the bar waiting, S-A is running late (even though S-A is coming from down the road) and calls me 4 times in the space of 15 mins to find out where the restaurant is. I gulp down my drink - because this *always* happens. Even when I email the address, full postcode, and even Google map links - this ALWAYS happens.

Sure enough, the dinner conversation is the same. S-A's stressful job, S-A's disatisfaction with partner's lack of ambitions, S-A's blah blah blah.

S-A: "So where you going after dinner?"
Me: "I'm going to this performance art thing called Shunt. Meant to be really good... Do you go out much these days?"
S-A: "No. You know the project I'd been working on?"
Me: "Yeah..."
S-A: "We won a best project award for it!"
Me: "Ok..." (expecting a good story about Big-Team-Celebratory-Night-Out-At-Cool-Rondon-Joint)
S-A: "It was like an awards night for management consulting. We beat all the other consultants! It's really prestigious blah blah blah!"
Me: "Oh... OH. Well. Done."

I hear a mental click as I realise I'm suppose to give S-A a pat on the back *sigh* Why do I bother... I can't tell, am I suppose to be impressed? Or envious? Do I look like a girl who cares about a consulting awards night? :P It's not to say I don't care about work challenges, but... where the hell was the substance?!? Was it about using available technology innovatively? Nope...

In my mind, as hard as I tried, even with the booze, I couldn't help thinking, "Why do I bother?"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York in stereo

I'm walking in the rain with my hoodie up. I'm surprisingly used to rain now :) Tiesto plugged in, deep beats playing as I run across giant wet streets.

"Wasted all this time, searching...
Brought me to my knees..."

10am, sitting on a bench outside Balthazar waiting for the girls. The Ting Tings rocking through me.

"Folks got high at a quarter to five,
Don't you feel you're growing up undone!
...Imagine all the girls - ah ah ah aaah ah ah ah!"

Catching the metro downtown with PvD and a perfectly timed track.

"I watch the sky turn black to blush,
Head still spinning from the rush,
Of all the things I did the night before...
And looking down from my hotel,
These dawn lits streets begin to fill,
With memories of you and I...
On a New York City night..."

I like this. It's like I'm watching New York as a 24/7 movie. The personal soundtrack puts an even bigger smile on my face. Suddenly being unemployed isn't such a bad thing. Not when I get the rare chance to ketchup with those I hearts. Lots of giggling, lots of cocktails and beers, hotdogs in a phonebooth bar, taxidermied animals, peeking through holes in fences, *squeealing* out loud Bon Jovi lyrics somewhere on Avenue C... It's just me being... happy (^_^)

Gracias especiales:
:: AdF, PdF & SH for the birthday flight over :D
:: Pepper Pants *grin*, Tocca, SM & H for the good times. Again! Again! :D *MUAH*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It bothers me...

... that the British Computing Society can make a registration process unnecessarily convoluted and ugly:
Each dropdown populates the next dropdown. So if you pick the wrong one, you have to go through the freaking list to find the right one which populates the next dropdown correctly. Filling it out should take me 10 seconds, and instead takes me at least a minute or two.

*sigh* Here I am, back to j.o.b hunting (I still don't like talking about it, so quit asking), and reading job descriptions requiring certification from this bunch of "elitists". It makes me want to hunt down the person who wrote the job description and smack them over the head. "LOOK, these people can't even get a registration form right, and you want me to pay good squiddies to get certified by them? They're giving real IT people a bad name!" :P

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Posh nosh

Mushiejc, spot the truffle brie! *grin*

14 bottles, I tasted em all... the point when I thought Rondon rooftops were da bomb...

... and then I started macro'ing the toilet (sshhh, don't tell T&D)...

... and I bumped into an unlikely couple on the way out *grin*


For those of you who constantly look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about my Fetish House of Ill Repute, look!

Proof that there *are* people out there who are interested in sex with midgets and giants :P Above are keyword searches which led to my blog.

Nyer nyer nyer.

Head in the clouds

Otherwise known as "hangover". I hit the booze hard last night to make the music bearable *grin* Unfortunately, it means I wake up today with my brain refusing to communicate with the rest of me.

In my foggy headspace, I wander over to La Fromagerie to pick up some truffle brie for tonight's wine tasting. Still unable to shake the fog off, I head over to Flatwhite and bunk myself on the bench outside for some people watching.
I'm sitting at a dingy sidestreet, surrounded by horrendous Engrish architecture.

This is great! :) The sun's out, the backstreet's buzzy with the masses. I unplug myself and listen for once. I listen to the eastern European couple argue. I listen to those beside me marvel over how good a flatwhite is. I giggle at the camp guy who squeals exactly like I would, when a young girl collides into him. I sit and watch the free fashion show provided by chic Engrish trendoid youths walking past. I could never pull off what they wear. I wish I could :)

With the headfog finally lifting, I heave myself off the bench and head for the tube before the truffle brie goes rank in the sun. Rondon has one more surprise for me today. Don't look too closely *grin*

4am: Lightbox

One of those nights... We did our research. We headed out. We almost got separated at Baker Street. *Someone* doesn't take the chance as the tube doors slam shut. I raced on ahead, making it a close call as the doors swoosh close behind me. Luckily, the conductor takes pity on B and reopens the doors just for her *grin* Slowass! ;)

We ended up at the front door of Ghost. It was deadly quiet. Not a beat or soul in sight. Doors shut tight. Wtf? Ironically, it's the most appropriately named bar-slash-club.

Well then. All dressed up. Needs _somewhere_ to go.

Next on the list, Lightbox in Vauxhall. Beating the midnight tube curfew, we hop on a carriage and head to Bandit Country (South of the River).

It's actually a pretty cool venue :) The entire room is decked out in LED lights. Pity about the music...

I think, we're just happy to have made it somewhere tonight :) Even if it did take an hour and a half and a giant circle to get there *grin*

Monday, June 08, 2009

Holiday reading

Hrm, overall:
:: Loved The Old Man and the Sea, and Lord of the Flies.
:: Not a fan of The Sun Also Rises (the book which made Pamplona famous) and The Great Gatsby. Started out well, then just bored me.
:: Hated The Unbearable Lightness of Being. For a book with such a catchy title, it sure sucked the life out of me. Have you ever read books which made you want to throw it against a wall in frustration because the storyline went nowhere? Or it just kept making "enlightening" observations every few pages as subtly as a smack to the head by a 2x4 filled with rusty nails? This is it.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Where have I been?

Topping up my tan in Ibiza :)

(kudos: vision7media - Thanks Paul! :) )

Our very neon hotel:

Dinner @ Pacha:

Throw in Space Opening in the middle:

(Proud of myself - white dress stayed white!)

Finished up with cocktails and sunset @ Cafe del Mar:

That's it, no more Ibiza for me. I'm officially getting off the Venga bus ;) (Erm, but could potentially be coaxed back on for an Armada night :P )

M-San: You should've been there!!! *accusatory glare*

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Other people's tattoos

Think I'll start taking pix of other people's tattoos...

... just for fun :)

It's not a good thing

CH: "Hey, those guys were checking you out."
Me: "Oh good, they're old, and have bellies!"
... Later on...
CH: "Did you think that guy was hot?"
Me: "NO!"
CH: "Well, he was checking you out."

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. My travelling companion in Reykjavik thought he was being helpful when he pointed out that men with big bulgy tummies in banana hammocks, had been "oggling" me as I got out of the spa.

It's enough to make me... turn :P

Knowing my luck though, I'll be getting checked out by grandmas with saggy b00bies instead *sigh*
Come on. It's not really that flattering to be checked out by the completely wrong demographic. I'd rather not know! So to all my guy mates, unless you can differentiate between Brad Pitt and Mr Bean, stop letting me know! *lol*

Now, check out this guy on the far left!

I don't think he's hot, but he obviously does *big grin* He stood frozen with the Blue Steel look on his face for at least a good 10 mins.

So I challenged Niffies to ask him for a photo *lol*
10 points Niffies :) Well done!