Thursday, August 20, 2009


...I wonder, "Wtf am I on?!?" Blogging about drowning bees? Aiyah. Talk about a slow blogging day :P

Which still proves my theory that *everything* seems like a great idea when drunk.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too soft-hearted

It was a sweltering high of 24 degrees today... You think I'm kidding, but for real! It was a proper Engrish Summer day :) Clear skies, heat, and a nice reminder of how good England can feel when it behaves. It's a day when I didn't want to go underground, and spent an hour walking to my destination instead. When I got there, we plonked ourselves down by the side of the Thames and ordered something refreshingly COLD. For me a rose.

I watch as a bright yellow bee buzzes around my giant glass. Oh dear. I'm too sweaty and lethargic to swat it away.

Surely, it's not a bad way to go... An alcoholic's dream. Besides, it was asking for it. All the space in the world to fly around in, and it chose my glass. The buzzing stops as the bee inevitably sinks into my rose.

Aaah bugger.
I lazily pick up the glass and pour it out on the pavement.
The bee lives to see another sweltering, Engrish Summer day!

My friend looks at me like I'm crazy (fair enough, he bought my drink!).
I still believe in karma. I still believe that one day, I'm going to be stuck in a very dumb situation and I'm hoping I get mysteriously bailed out too. Let's just call this paying it forward.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Which Saturday? (Part ii)

The poll is closed:

What does this prove?
:: That I have a readership of 19 people :P
:: At least 4 of them are my friends ;)
:: The other 15 are likely to be at least a week late if they're meeting me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Do you remember"

Me: "... your first time?"
All: "Yes."
Me: "How old were you?"
Him 1: "17"
Him 2: "16"
Him 3: "13"
Me: "WTF, 13?!? How did you know where to put it?"
Him 3: "What do you mean? I still don't know where to put it"

I can understand for girls, it's easy. I *can't* understand for guys. It's dangly, it's out there, it flip flops around, sometimes, from what I see, you guys don't even have control of it. Behave, we're in public! ("Won't someone think of the children?" ;) ) If I pwn'd something like that, I wouldn't know what the hell to do with it.

How on earth do you live with something which just points when it wants to?!?

Tonight's funny thing is, the surprised looks when I wore this:


I don't think the girls with the surprised looks realised that I only wore heels because I thought that's what they were going to be wearing... Personally, I don't think the guys I met tonight cared 2p what was on my feet ;)


It use to be cool. Until I started getting Twitterspam. I don't know what's more insulting:

That I'm getting loads of pr0n0 requests - which would be fine if they were a little less skanky...

OR that these skanks think that I'm a "DORKY GUY".


Friday, August 07, 2009

Needs something stronger

Here's the latest work in-progress.

See where it's going?

Unfortunately, UHU isn't strong enough to hold the head onto the canvas. It plops off barely 10 mins later. Boooo... This is taking me forever to finish. Now I to have purchase a glue-gun *sigh*

Hot geeks

I was talking to S the other day, and she mentioned that she's not into geeks. They're just not hot enough *grin*

WELL... On my quest to find something to do with my time the other day, I stumbled across this MAKE video:

Besides the fact that these guys are hilarious, Joe Grand (on the left) is pretty cute :)

There's always David Heinemeier Hansson too. The Google-O'Reilly Hacker of the Year for 2005 :) Also Wired's Hottest Hacker on earth *grin*

To be honest, I find the geeky guys more interesting than the other types of stereotype guys. Smarter than the average bear, and always up for some fun. I think a lot of their attitude comes from their unwillingness to leave childhood behind *grin* Always with the latest toys, gadgets, video games, comics... Hrm, ok, maybe I have a thing for geeks because I like playing with their possessions :P See, I don't just go for looks, I go for material things too ;)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wi-fi&Coffee sniffer

If that was a profession, I'd be r0ckstar at it.

Mm, one good thing about having soo much time on my hands is that I can now tell you where to go in central Rondon for:
:: Good coffee
:: Wi-fi, portugese tarts and coffee
:: Almond croissant, Belgian hazelnut spread and wi-fi
:: Cocktails and wi-fi
:: More good coffee
:: Wi-fi and a nice park bench
:: Extra-hot burritos (num numm numm) and coffee
:: Cakes and coffee
:: Wi-fi and tea
:: Wi-fi and falafel

I can even tell you where to stand at Broadway Markets so you can get a Wi-fi signal. This is what happens when you own an iPhone that doesn't have 3G ;)

Or more accurately, this is what happens when you're addicted to email and can't resist knowing if people love you enough to email within the hour or two you've been away from your pooter *ahem*

Special mention to The Espresso Room :) Greeeat coffee, and Ben, the guy who runs it geeked out over explaining how he made my coffee. It's been a long while since I spoke to anyone that passionate about what they do... It's a nice change :) Hrm, he's probably also the only one who didn't balk at my, "You need to invest in a slave-munkey to do your dirty work" idea... There you go -
:: Good coffee and sense of humour.

"The One Day..."

It's The One Day that I decide not to put my contacts in.
It's the same day that I walk straight onto a film location and only notice the giant camera infront of me when it's a couple of meters away. I shrug, go for my caffeine hit and walk back to my gym.

Right outside my gym, everyone is crowding around looking at the filming going on.

Me: "Anyone famous?"
Gym Receptionist: "Apparently, Colin Farrell!"
Me: *starstruck gasp* "Where?!? Where?!?"
GR: "Just on the street, behind that car."

I spot a man in a blue suit walking up the street. I do my best squint. I peer. It could be Colin Farrell... Or it could just be a blurry extra in a blurry blue suit :P

It's the same day that I was late for the gym and didn't pack my camera in the bag like I usual do these days.


I'll file this away with other like-postings in my mind:
:: The One Day I didn't shave my armpits and then went arms-in-the-air-dancing.
:: The One Day I didn't bother to check myself before leaving the house and then bumped into a good-looking guy.
:: The One Day I decided to skip on "pruning hedges" and... HAH! Not telling, get back to work ;)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

What now?

Several ice-walls, a couple of waterlogged experiences, some foggy mountains, 5 Italian villages, an English dreamhouse, 200km of dusty Cuban road, lots of ocean paddling, some all-night dancing thrown in, 1 month of ungodly studying for a very boring exam...

What now? :)

Yes. Still looking for that elusive j.o.b. Don't you worry :P In the meantime, I've discovered that I need something to keep myself occupied. Getting certified isn't the answer. I've spent the past few weeks keeping a low-profile because I've been studying. Which is quite hard to do when I haven't done it since... gawd, Uni?!? Everyday, I sat in a cafe and nursed a coffee for 3 hours while I read a chapter and scribbled notes. My handwriting has definitely become more illegible over the years.

Never thought I'd be so happy to see the index page of a book.

A friend gave me a Mills&Boon book to reward myself with whilst studying. I was suppose to read a chapter from the textbook, and a chapter from the M&B book each day. Only problem is, I finished the M&B book by the third day. That was me trying to hold back :P
I honestly don't know how some of my friends have decided to go back to Uni again. I guess it would make a difference if I was studying something I was interested in.

I mean, which would you rather read?
"Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term, which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources within a changing environment and to fulfil stakeholder expectations."
"She could only stare as he dropped his shorts and boxers in one smooth move, leaving him standing naked and magnificent in front of her... He shot her a very saucy look, then turned upward toward the river bank. She watched his perfect butt until it disappeared into the water."

Exactly ;)