Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creepy little people

Lately, I've been hanging out at RnB clubs on Friday nights *cringe* Mainly because I want to spend time with my mates who happen to like RnB. So I put up with the bad-on-my-creaky-knees "dancing" for the company.

Straight out - I don't find oriental guys attractive. So walking into a club filled with them exasperates me. Just because there are certain stereotypes about oriental guys that just ring too true. I'm not saying all oriental guys are like this, but the ones I've seen in clubs lately are:
:: DORKY looking with their gelled-up Dragonball Z locks, and triad-style Rick Astley vests;
:: REALLY SHORT to the point where I can see over them when I'm wearing heels;
:: INCREDIBLY STUPID when it comes to the art of picking up women.

Scenario: Me having a good time dancing with my Hotty Friend. Along comes an oriental shorty who starts grinding in close vicinity. *Gee*, that's not creepy at all. We give him the cold shoulder, to no effect.

To be fair, I'm pretty cynical when it comes to guys picking up. A lot of guys in dance clubs have tried the lamer line, "Are you having a good night?" on me - to which I'm internally thinking, "Wtf do you think I'm here if I'm _not_ having a good night?"

So! Imagine what I'm thinking when all the oriental
shorty can think of saying to us is, "What's wrong?"

Hotty Friend: "What's wrong? You don't speak Australian."
Me: "What's wrong?!? STOP. Get your hand off me. You're fcking too close."

You'd think this would be a sign for him to go away. However, he persists for a little longer until he's approached by his "wing-woman" and advised to leave the set.

Creepy little people... they exist in RnB clubs :P


Kev said...

As an oriental man, I feel compelled to defend my fellow brothers.

Some of my brothers can't help it if they are height challenged, and it's probably linked to the need to gel their hair to add a few inches of height to look more respectable. Cut him some slack!

I don't believe it's just asian guys that do the "grinding in close vicinity thing", I have witnessed this in most (RnB) clubs that I go to.
I have also witnessed girls do the "grinding in close vicinity thing", only to give me the cold shoulder when I expressed some interest. WTF?

As for the pick up lines, I find at certain clubs here it is better to keep my mouth shut and dance than to say anything to reveals that I am not of a Korean heritage :)
Perhaps the battler that came up to you and your hotty friend felt he had a better chance not talking straight away and just showing his style. Unfortunately it didn't work out. I would agree that "what's wrong?" isn't really conducive to any further conversation.

And I'll put this question out there...if the guy was hot and did EXACTLY the same thing, it's all good, right?

FYI, I think I have that Rick Astley vest :)

reenie said...

Fair enough KC, BUT look at things from my perspective.

I'm not saying being short is a character failing, only that part of the reason why I'm not attracted to asian guys is because I can see over most of them when I'm wearing heels. It's not sexy to me :P (Neither is that Rick Astley vest!)

You know, I'm still not sure what your point is about grinding. It doesn't matter if a girl grinds, because, as you've pointed out, it'll always _work_ when a girl does it. Girls can get away with shitloads more than guys. It probably looks pretty hot when a girl does it too. When a guy does it, it's just him waggling his crotch in a girl's direction. And in my case, my first reaction was to *shudder* and quickly look away :P

My personal response is, I can definitely guarantee you that if you were HOT, at least 7 inches taller than me, had non-triad clothes on, knew how to dance without looking like a munkey, then -

YES, it would've been all good. Unfortunately, those types don't really exist in RnB clubs *grin* Not saying they exist in massive quantities at dance clubs either, but at least there's more chances of hitting 2 out of 4 of the above requirements ;)

Unfortunately for the battler, he's not any of that. Unfortunately for the battler, he exudes CREEPINESS in his approach to picking up chicks. If he wants to get laid, maybe he needs to change his tactic. I don't know, maybe send in his wing-woman to dance with us first. Join in, dance with us for awhile. Try to start up conversation about the music/club/DJ? Whatever, I don't care, just don't place your dirty paw on me, grind me and then ask, "What's wrong?" :P

Kevin said...

Whats wrong Reenie? *puuush it reaaal good*