Thursday, February 28, 2008

Half & half

I'm at a strange time in my life, where:
* half my friends are either trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or have popped out buns.
* the other half are just sterile ;)

Well, not really. The other half are like me. NOT READY. Or, more in my case - JUST DON'T WANT ONE. Take note people - Holding your baby does NOT make me clucky. Quit asking and looking at me like I'm nuts for not wanting it. I've tried. When I'm staying over with my brother and sis-in-law, I wake up at 7:30am (the Cutesy One actually starts screaming at 6:30am, but I've programmed myself to sleep through it). I walk downstairs bleary-eyed and settle in for my good morning stumble-into-my-arms-droolly-baby greeting :) Sweet. But still droolly.

TODAY, I changed my first independent nappy. No help from anyone. Dear lord it stank. Dear lord I used a lot of wipes. It's not easy either. Always wipe away from the fanny. Always clean the dimples and the folds. Always wipe underneath. Always hold the baby's legs up to prevent them from rolling off the table. Always keep baby's hands occupied and away from the gargantuan sloppy poo in the nappy. Yeeeeah...

Anyone want to make me a godmother? *grin* Regardless, after a month of training, I'm now fully qualified in performing the following tasks:
* carrying a baby
* changing nappies
* entertaining a baby
* feeding a baby
* putting a baby to bed
* talking like a baby. Yup. I've been reduced to making "MMMUMMM MUMMMM MMM" noises.

Not bad eh? :)

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