Monday, February 25, 2008

Why I don't *poke*

When my mother took me to temple this year, she prayed I'd find a good job and a good husband. I laughed.

After all, I never thought my mother's prayers would be answered via facebook.

Me thinking: "Who?!?"

Status: Looking 4 love! Check out his applications:

Dear lord, he's not going to find it here :P And I'm definitely not poking him back :P Dang facebook.


Anonymous said...

this guy looks and sounds dodgy!! he's a facebook stalker - once you poke back he has access to your details - put him in block!!

Kev said...

I can't get over the 'tash.

Anonymous said...

Nicceeeee :o) I had some guy from Dubai send me a friends request....couldn't press the delete button fast enough....creeeppyyyyy....

Cass x

millimilli said...

discriminating because of his choice of facebook applications. so shallow! tsk tsk