Monday, March 17, 2008


At the risk of sounding uncool, I'm finally ready to admit, "Snow is not my happy place". Maybe it's because I hate being cold. Maybe it's because my feet hurt unbearably after every go. Most likely it's because I sux0r so much at snowboarding *grin*

I tried to love it. Everyone else around me seems to get so excited about snowboarding. The first time I learnt to snowboard, I was in tears. I couldn't get on the dang J-bars at Thredbo. Eventually T felt sorry for me, and unlatched her board to walk up the mountain with me. My ass was hurting like hell, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't stay up for very long.

These days I'm better. There's a few hicks. Like, errr, I seem to have issues turning right sometimes *grin* I can turn left fine! I just get days when my body refuses to listen and no matter how hard I try, I just can't turn right. Very baffling. I think it's probably cause I'm scared shtless of facing down the mountain and potentially ending up riding down it on my pretty-pretty face.

I did have fun with M&L in Japan though :) The snow was sooo much better in Furano and Niseko, comparative to Meribel and Thredbo. I have never been surrounded by so much white stuff in my life. Lotsa stacks, no bruises!! Lots of thanks to M&L for all the encouragement. I'm forever grateful you guys came back to look for me when I fell off the hairpin turn. "GUUUUUYS... GUUUUUYS! I fell down the mountain!!! Waaaait!!!!" *lol*

Lesson learnt: If it's a choice of crashing into Shuai or a tree, screw Shuai and avoid the tree! *grin* "AAARGH TREEE! *OOOFFFPH*" Hopefully that's the last time I wrap myself around a tree...
Watch me jump! *lol*

The mountain view from the top was worth the fear of getting down ;)

Milli-san! Okonomiyaki!! :)


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Anonymous said...

Are you afraid of falling from THAT mountain? Not able to turn right there.... That mountain didn't even have a slope :-)


millimilli said...

[New rule]
Punch buggy Reenie-likes-boarding pink!

No falling!
[End rule]

Anonymous said...

hey you lied! you are GOOD at snowboarding!!! nice moves :P