Monday, March 17, 2008

Sydnery roundup

Yeah, I had a good time :) The fun part was spending time with family and friends. I really love the people back there. It was impossible for me to hide my exuberance everytime I caught up with someone :) Even the sight of AdF and PdF in the distance made me start skipping to meet them *grin* There were soo many good times, but the best I'd have to say, was Future Music with the crew :) I loves you guys ^_^

Other memorable moments, in no particular order:
* Trying out drum and bass with SM and JH
* SH taking me to watch American Gangster with the Opera House in the background
* Brekkies and hot drinks with AdF and PdF
* Lunching at Fratelli Fresh and then drinking for 7 hours with SM and BL :)

* BL's smoked ribs!!!!
* Gossiping with Jules over passionflower ice-cream (sorry for the pic Jules *grin*)
* KY serenading me out on his balcony (a heart melty moment)
* Truffle tuna sashimi with Daliborus
* Cocktails, lounging and babysitting with Lena
* Feasting and girly talking with Y*
* Porcini and truffle lasagne with DG
* Chilling out with U&W at their beautiful home

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Anonymous said...

omg - what am I doing on the front page!! :P it was great seeing ya! am so glad you guys enjoyed the outdoor cinema! was a bit worried about the wet weather!

come back soon!!

lots of love y*