Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plumber's crack

Wait... You mean it's not because I had to do a whole heap of bad crack before plumbing?!?

I dang well wedgied myself real good for this shot.
Sexy polka dot undies supplied by Tezenis on Oxford Circus :P

(Do you notice anything funny about this kitchen?)

The dang kitchen tap has been leaking for over a year. Slowly but steadily, it'd gotten pretty bad. To the stage where Diskies had started leaving jugs underneath the tap so we could use the vast amounts of water collected for washing up. We had the stereotypical fatass creepy plumber look at our tap once. He didn't do anything about it. So rather than deal with our annoying landlord and fatass creepy plumber again, I tried some DIY :)

This involved me lugging home about 5kg worth of borrowed tools in my white handbag. I squeaked out in aghast when my colleague proudly unrolled his kit for me.

"What do you mean I need all that to fix a leaky tap?!?"

2 wrenches, and... that's about all I can identify out of the 5 :P There was one mother-of-a-tool that could've knocked a baby elephant into a coma. After consulting another colleague, I refused to take that one home with me.

Step 1: Turn off water. I looked like a proper knob with a headlamp strapped on, and spent about 15 mins with my head stuck under the sink looking puzzledly around. Don't get me started on the bl00dy stoptap. Or stopcock. It doesn't exist under my sink. What I have instead are two screws inconveniently placed closely behind some pipes *wrestle* *wrestle* Done!

Step 2: Unscrew tap heads. Use wrench to remove metal-thingy-majig. Voila!

Step 3: Pop down to hardware store and get new washers. The nice guy at the shop gave me two for FREE! Bonus! As I return to my apartment, I greet the fatass creepy plumber who happens to be visiting the door guy and sitting in the foyer *ugh*

Step 4: Replace washers, replace metal-bitty-bits. Turn water back on.

Shiiiiiit, this whole job cost me nothing and plumbers get paid how much?!?

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Ms JK said...

Ms SL, you have just become my designated plumber! :-P