Monday, January 19, 2009


Somewhere in the Sahara, my mind flits from thought-to-thought in the early morning sun. My gaze falls downwards and suddenly I burst out laughing *grin*

"OMG! It's true why they call it CAMELTOE!"...
Call me childish :)

Here are some manky camel toes for you:

If your's starts looking like this however,
I suggest you visit a doctor ASAP :P


Thanks Missy W and M-San for such a great girly trip :) So many priceless moments together *grin* From our common tummy issue, to the doorless bathroom in our riad, to the topless hamman together, to the look on Missy W's face when her camel started relieving itself, to the sound of Missy W sputtering sand from M-San's blanket toss *lol*

Loved it, love you gals *MUAH*


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha - gee you three don't look out of place :) i just went camel riding on sat!! it was so scary during lift off, those things are tall. I wasn't as perceptive about the camel toe tho :P when are you heading to your ice climbing adventure??



Kev said...

You guys seem very rugged up for a morning trip in the Sahara!

reenie said...

y* - I had a wonky camel which couldn't get up properly. So it went half up, then down, then up. I was convinced I was going to fall off!

Kev - It was freaking freezing! For the overnight in the Sahara, I was dressed in:
* thermals,
* jeans,
* shirt,
* woolly short sleeve,
* polar fleece,
* scarf,
* two heat packs
... lying under TWO camel blankets. I was soo cold I couldn't sleep through the night! Brrr... Should've brought my camel into the tent with me :P