Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Apocalypse

(Otherwise known as "Winter in England")

Ruuuun for your liiiiives! Timestamp: 16:43

Every year, the Aussie-ex-pats bitch and moan about what is to come. The bitter cold. The grey. The rain. The instant dark by 4pm. The puffy jacket weather. The absolute *bone-chilling* bitter cold!

Everyone's talking about whether we're going to have a white Christmas this year. According to WikiAnswers:

For a white Christmas to be official, a flake of snow must be observed to fall at the four specific sites between midnight on 24 December and midnight on 25 December, even if it is mixed with rain and is not necessarily snow lying on the ground.

Given this definition, England last enjoyed a white Christmas in 1999."

The first snowflakes fell in Rondon today. Messages flew across the network about it. The odds are currently at 3.25. Secretly inside, when it snows, we love it :)

Looking out a train window. Timestamp: 17:35

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