Saturday, December 19, 2009

I woke up this morning

... to an email from my Mum:
Subject: Chubby-R.I.P.

"Hi Girlie,

We are so sorry have sad news for you.
Actually I meant to tell you last night about him but forgot. Chubby has become worse past 2 days he can’t walk anymore. Dad said he didn’t sleep last night probably in pain dad has been giving him Osteo-Panadol. Anyway we took him to the Vet this morning and was advised to put him to sleep. They can’t do anything it is due to old age his heart is failing too. So they put him to sleep this morning we didn’t want to watch came home then went back to collect him and bury him in the backyard.
It has been raining all day the sky is crying too.

Dad pretty upset but he will get over it in time. I am too.
Anyway I think it is better for him as he was suffering.
It is really sad after having him for nearly 15years but he has been treated well.
Love Mum"

It's silly to be soo upset. Chubby is just a dog. A plain old pug. He's a dog that's been part of my life for the past 14 years. He's the dog that was always happy to see me. He's the one that's always loved me unconditionally. He's the one that made me jealous because my parents hand-fed him! He was no longer "just a dog". He was part of my family. I love him because he never ever stopped loving me. Even when I was mad at him for pooping on my carpet :)

To be honest, I knew Chubby's time was up when I spoke to my parents a few weeks ago about him. It's just maddening that I never got to say Thank You and Goodbye. I still remember the day I picked him up, the car accident we had on the way home, and how he fit just perfectly on my lap.

Chubby always sat at my feet when I was at the pooter. He always snuck a stink bomb in and I would call him "STINKY!" and push him away :)

Love you Chubs. Always and Forever. I never doubted your beauty.

I am grieving.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Reenie,
So sorry to hear about Chubby :o( I remember when you first got him, we were deciding what to name him (Fudge seems to come to mind). Anyway, so sad to hear about him. I'll miss him rolling and singing for food :o(
Cass x