Thursday, April 20, 2006

Getting here

In 1988, my parents packed up and left Kuala Lumpur to make a new life for the family in Sydney. I never thought much about it, to me it was a new adventure in a land supposedly filled with koalas, kangaroos and Cadbury chocolate. 2 days ago, I packed up my own life and left Sydney to start afresh in London. It's given me a new appreciation of how tough it must've been for my parents to migrate 18 years ago. I had enough issues lugging 28kgs (that’s 9kgs worth of singlet tops), a laptop and hand luggage from Sydney to London. I can't imagine how my parents packed up 40+ years of their lives and 3 kids to move to Sydney.

So, what can I tell you about London?

I’m oriental, not asian, in this country. I don’t mind, “oriental” sounds more exotic :)

There’s a strong similarity between the bouncers outside strip clubs at the Cross, and the hussling guys outside indian restaurants at Brick Lane. “Laaaadieez... We’ve got the best, come inside and try!”

I might have to get my driver’s license and become a cabbie. Well, that’s the impression I got from the mini cab driver who drove me from the airport anyway. He’s in IT too, and has a degree in Software Engineering and is MCSE certified.

Pigeons here hate me. My first day out, and one did a giant poop on me :( That killed my happy-go-lucky-I'm-in-London mood alright.


JookBoy said...

That "hot" oriental :)
Have a great time over there!

cel said...

he he he....well u know what they say about bird poop - it's meant to be good luck (or at least, that is what the bird poop victims say to make them feel better :s)

Glad to hear you landed safely though and I have to say, 28kgs is pretty impressive for someone moving there.

Hrrm, the cabbies sound like they have the same qualifications as our cabbies! ;)

Have fun and great to hear from u!

Sharmini said...

dont become a cabby just take London by storm.... go girl..:))