Monday, April 24, 2006

Roaming is my new hobby

I love getting lost in London :) I actually do have an A-to-Z guide in my handbag at all times, but I barely look at it unless I'm meeting someone somewhere specific at sometime :) It's great just being able to wander the streets and always see something new! London's never boring that way.

I found this lovely french cake shop, called Maison Blanc, on Kensington Church Street:

I looked up randomly one day and I spotted this on a wall:

I found a great cafe to have my morning coffee:

And I see sights like this side by side:

I don't think I can compare London to any other city I've been to in the world. It's such a mash-up of history, technology and culture. There's always people around, and the streets are always alive. That's why I never truly get lost, I just follow the stream of people to the next tube station. If only the people here talked properly :P I can't understand their dang accent...

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Bosco said...

wowow, Orwell's house... awesome!!