Friday, December 21, 2007

Let's play a game

Close your eyes. Plug in your earphones. Let your mind wander. To your favourite place. To your favourite moment. Make it up...

It's warm.

"... never knew a love so deep within..."

It's sunny. I'm outdoors.

"Silence can you hear me... crying..."

There's music. There's sand.

"Do you want me, like I want you..."

I'm dancing.

"... never knew a love like this before..."

A sweet caprioska magically appears in my hand :)

"I love you, I do looove you..."

An endlessly blue water view.

"How could I ever even be without you?"

The tube suddenly jolts to a stop. A gush of cold winter air fills the carriage as the doors open.

My eyes flicker open. 15cms away from my face is a stranger's back. Elbows push against me as more worker ants climb aboard. Feet carelessly trample over my toes. I mentally nickname the random infront of me Stompy and resist the urge to cry out, "Ffs!".

Tiesto: "Sharam from Deep Dish..."

The game's over *sigh*

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