Monday, December 10, 2007

Rodrigo y Gabriela

"We'd like to dedicate this song to the US Visa Department... We call it, Fuck the US Visa Department!"

I'd feel the same way if I was mistaken for a terrorist too *grin*

Rodrigo y Gabriela were brilliant! It was amazing watching them play, well from what I could see between heads anyway. I have never heard anyone play guitar like them before. It's not just one person playing perfectly, it's two people playing perfectly and in perfect unison. So much energy, and so much fun to listen to :) If they had another gig in Rondon, I'd pay to see them again.
Clicky here to watch vids of them.

I now have a new requirement on my dream-man list: Must be able to play acoustic guitar *lol*

Guitar heroes need not apply :P

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Anonymous said...

i saw these guys perform about 2 and half years ago up in camden town - they were awesome!! how fast do those hands move!!!
ive been wishing that they would travel down to oz... no such luck!