Thursday, April 03, 2008

Me or the pregnant Panda?

Awhile ago, I questioned SD, "If we were in a hostage situation, would you take a bullet for me?"

... hesitated!

*lol* He eventually chose to take the bullet for me. Nice to know :)

Next up, I asked, "What if it was a choice of saving me or the last Panda on earth, and the Panda was pregnant? Who would you shoot first?!?"

Without missing a beat, SD replied, "I'd save you! It's a fcking Panda!!"

I felt loved :)


Anonymous said...

If it is the last panda on earth, and it has a kid, who is the kid going to mate with? It would itself be the last Panda...

And SD still choose the panda..



reenie said...


OR, it could be a case of Panda Oedipus syndrome. Fall in love with its mother and therefore procreate some genetically defective offspring.

There's always hope :P