Monday, February 16, 2009

Drunken rant


So I wrote the last post after coming home from a night out. Could you tell? :P I think I'm improving on my stats though.
:: Number of drunken emails drafted up - 2

Number of drunken emails discarded - 2
:: Number of drunken texts sent out - 0
:: Number of drunken Photo Booth pix taken - 0
:: Number of drunken online purchases - 0
:: Number of drunken blog posts - 1

*Phew* It really could've been worse :P


Anonymous said...

what!? that was a great post :) i fucking hate valentine's day!! no i'm not one of those bitter non romantics - valentine's day is just commercial crap that justifies you treat your other half less so for the other 364 days a year! down with valentine's day - puke. And if one more person, i.e. a girl tells me how great the movie notebook is - STRANGLE - now how's that for a rant! (and i'm not even drunk :) - must be that mole on my lip talking - see post)

x ystar

Anonymous said...

I missed your email... sniff...

But you are right about Valentine's day! Sorry U.


Anonymous said...

What - you've sent me at least 2 or 3 drunken texts!