Thursday, September 14, 2006

Big. Mistake.

I downloaded an Uwe Boll movie. I'm a fan of horror movies, and "Alone in the Dark" sounded like a scary enough title. Oh, it's scary alright, but for completely all the wrong reasons. It's scary that someone can make a bad movie, that's not at the same time hilarious to watch (like Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. I love JCVD (the muscles from Brussels!). His movies are terribly terrible yet soo entertaining, but I'll review JCVD movies another day).

Uwe Boll. The producer who recently challenged all his critics to a boxing match.
Yes, he has that many enemy critics. For good reason. UB is infamous for making movies out of video games. Only, the movie is never like the video game. You can almost hear the breaking hearts of Nerds around the world everytime UB announces he's making a movie :) The Nerds have even united to put forward an online petition to stop UB.

You can watch UB pounding a critic here. Funny how he never mentioned that he's an amateur boxer when he made the invite.

I'm not going to waste my time reviewing "Alone in the Dark". Others have done the job for me, read this.

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