Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pee-in-a-tube kit

My very own:

You didn't really believe me when I said things here worked differently, did you? :) So what's this for? Is it because I've applied for a highly classified secret agent job at a sooper dooper government agency and they're doing a drug test on me?


It's because I'm trying to register at a GP clinic. You can't just walk into any old clinic to see a doctor here. You have to scout out the closest clinic to your place of residence, take proof of address documents and passport, fill in forms, make another appointment to see a nurse and collect your pee-in-a-tube kit. All this, just to register at a clinic O_o I'm not even sick and trying to see a doctor!

You're lucky I didn't pee in the tube before I blogged ;)


Anonymous said...

I misread "GP Clinic" as "VD Clinic". Oops!

reenie said...