Monday, September 18, 2006

"We ALL have boyfriends!"

I won't point the finger at the gal who came up with that line on Saturday night, but it definitely did the trick of chasing away those Frenchmen who had innocently asked us, "Can we join your table?"


Some of us even managed to get marriage proposals that night. Others managed to drunkenly drench themselves in wine (if you look closely at the pic, you'd be able to to tell who, oops). And only one of us managed not to throw up the next day *grin*

15 quid will get you in at the Roof Gardens Club in Kensington. For 500 quid (minimum spend), you can book yourself a table (which we just slyly stole anyway). The venue itself is great! You'd never believe that such a large garden area could be setup on the top floor of a building in Rondon. The only thing is, the club doesn't stay open for very long. At 3am, the music stopped (we drank enough to dance to RnB), the lights went on, and we all trundled home. Massive hangovers all around.

Thanks for the great night gals :)


Anonymous said...


4AM wakeup call! And it wasn't a booty call!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you try the red eye removal on your cheeks next time? :-)

knuf, Wicky.

Anonymous said...

If only the frenchmen had asked to join our table in french.. maybe Nithya would not have been so ubrupt with them teehehe. :P


reenie said...

Wicky! You better not give me any alcohol before your wedding photos are taken! :)

Babsy, I'm just disappointed Niffies ruined our chances for free drinks!! ;)

reenie said...

PS: You know what I was thinking? What a waste of precious lobster noodles... Next time we go out drinking, let's line our stomachs with something greasier and cheaper.