Monday, September 04, 2006

Snake vodka anyone?

I came across this at Selfridges the other day:

Yup, Snake Vodka for the upperclass English folk :) None of the dodgy looking stuff you can get from Asia. This Snake Vodka is prettily packaged and sells for around 25 quid! Also available from the same brand (Edible) is Civet Coffee. You know, the coffee bean that comes from the arse end of a Sumatran cat. I'm sure there's a reason why there's a market for it, and it might even be the tastiest coffee in the world, but... I don't even eat chicken butt, let alone cat droppings.

I earn my dinner in the Beenix household by making cocktails for the cook. Lately it's been raspberry caprioskas made from B's yummy Belvedere Vodka stash. I wonder if I should prank the cook with some Snake Vodka. Here's my mix for raspberry caprioska:
- Ice
- 1 shot Belvedere Vodka
- 2 shots sugar syrup
- 1/2 juicy lime squeezed
- Handful raspberries (at least the Brits grow tasty raspberries)
- Shake shake shake!


Anonymous said...

But the chicken butt is the best bit of the chicken! ur missing out reenie he he :) yin*

reenie said...

Personally, I've always wondered about the Chinese belief that eating chicken butt equates to having a good complexion. How does that work?!?

Anonymous said...

I think the secret is that the chicken butt is meant to be the smoothest part of the chicken (wat)so if you eat it, you will get the same sort of skin/ texture.. go figure? yin*