Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fresh! From Sydney!

Authentic Laksa paste :D Homemade by my parents :) Sprinkled with fried onion flakes made by my aunt, and flown in from Malaysia. Accompanied by snapper fishcakes made by authentic Thai gal, T.

Also on the menu this weekend, mutant prawns! Madagascan, apparently.



mushiejc said...

ooh, that laksa looks so good! have been on search for good laksa - looks like i may have found just the place...nice and close in marylebone too :)

Beckster said...

That prawn is the size of your face and probably the spawn of satan. Eek!

reenie said...

Haha, I believe you and Des owe us a dinner first, Jen! :)

reenie said...

Hey Becky, Satan can go ahead have more spawns if they taste this good! *Cue slurpy noises as T, D and I suck out the prawn heads*

Check out B's great grilling job.