Monday, December 11, 2006

Slow blogging month

Things I surprisingly fell in love with this Winter:
- Stripey socks from Tabio

- Stiletto knee high boots from Nine West

- PUFFY JACKETS (I can't stop trying them on in shops... They're everywhere!)

Things I can really do without:
- Cracked and blistering lips

*Uggh* In the space of one day, my bottom lip went from slightly peeling to busted, yellow and infected. It looks like I have a flesh eating disease on my lip :( Definitely not kissable :P All the moisture is getting sucked out of my body.


Anonymous said...

I HEART my puffy jacket.. even though Niffs calls me yeti everytime I wear it :-( Nasty words dont keep me warm Niffjays, but puffy jackets with duck down in them DO.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your yeti boots, yeti

I have a wind-chapped face, my nose is all annoyed and peeling. SOB

reenie said...

I haven't seen the yeti boots! :)

Why hasn't anyone mentioned how shexy my legs look in leather :P

Dalibor said...

hey, how do we know that is your shexy leg in that leather?!?

reenie said...

YOu know because I'm too cheap to pay someone else to pose in leather for me ;)