Friday, May 04, 2007


This is seriously an endurance test. Gawd... I don't know what's worse, the pain for 4.5 hours, or the itchiness that's been going on for the past 48 hours. Can't scratch or the ink comes off. The skin's starting to scab and peel. It's interesting to see the colour beneath the peel. I'm feeling reptilian. I'm also getting extremely paranoid. I keep staring at my butt, and for the first time in a loooong time, I've noticed something -

OMG. Look at all that CELLULITE O_o

It's been that long since I looked closely at my buttocks...

So, here's what I know about tattoo care (which, to be honest, isn't much):
- Tattoos apparently like warm water. So shower with extremely warm water.
- Don't aim the water directly at the tattoo. Don't soak in hot tubs or baths. Showers only. Water will lift the scab.
- Use a mild soap.
- I moisturise twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Use a lotion with no fragrance. My tattooist recommended Vaseline Intensive Care. I've also used Nivea before, on my dragon, and that turned out well.

See how it goes, eh?

PS to Joh: I never knew you had a tattoo!!! I didn't get around to asking you about it last night! You've been hiding it!


Anonymous said...
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PeeDz said...

Sweeeeeeeet piccy!!! go the Fishies!

Anonymous said...


i've got a tattoo too, and i found bepanthen worked really well. apparently it's for mothers to use straight after um, breastfeeding - so it stops the um, itchiness/sensitivities!

give it a go...

reenie said...

Hey Milli, if you're reading this, I cropped out my buttcrack in this shot *grin*

And I'm deleting snide comments from anonymous people :P I hate it when that happens.