Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Making girls cry

Remember that speech I blogged for Ula & Wilco? I had a chance to say it last weekend at their Dutch wedding party :) I made Ula teary *grin* YES! Mission accomplished! Although, poor Wilco, he had already read my speech here and it was all old news to him. So I've tweaked the speech I blogged to match most of what I said that night, if you want to read it again.

I was even invited to speak at someone else's wedding that night! *lol*

And once again, I went home with a girl after the wedding. Hrm. At least this time it was separate beds ;)


Cassie said...

That's a real nice speech Shireen....you should have made it in her Sydney wedding, it would have made everyone cry :o) x

reenie said...

I think I should become a speech writer :) I did my Dad's speech at my brother's wedding too *grin*