Monday, November 17, 2008

30 years, 30 snogs

DG: "I meant to tell you, you pashed my gf last night!"
Me: "Did I?!? Are you sure?"
DG: "Yes! No tongue, but if you were a guy, I would've punched you."
Me: "Oooh, I remember now. HEY, she kissed me back!" :P

Blame T, it was her idea *grin* Some liked it, others - maybe not so much *lol* The trick is, to clasp one hand firmly on the victim's cheek and hold on tight as you go in for the *SMOOCHIE* Very hard to escape! :P

Happy Birthday Diskies :)
Thanks T&B for looking after me :) Thanks to everyone who came and made my Hat Party dream come true for my 30th! *lol* All the pix are up here. Oh, and Trailer Happiness is a coolass bar :)


Mike said...

I'm hurt! It appears I'm the only one you didn't I was the one who kissed you ;p

reenie said...

Haha, maybe it's because I don't kiss MARRIED MEN, Mike :) Not on camera anyway ;) I think it's the camera angle! I'm pretty sure I'm snogging you on your left cheek. Look at my hand clasped tightly behind your neck! :P

Kev said...

Happy Birthday! Your hat was quality, and I particularly like Dex's hat :)

I'll send your a pic with me and a hat to you.

millimilli said...

you don't need excuses, you can kiss me anytime!