Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I can't quit my day job

I came across this article the other day, and it got me thinking - I should really start making more effort to do something I enjoy for a job. I'm extremely miserable at my desk for an extremely long part of the day. Those days add up. What a waste! In fact, the past few days, I've been sitting at my desk organising a trip to Amsterdam... AGAIN. If I have anymore time on my hands, I'm going to organise a new tattoo. This is not good.

So I looked for career advice in the form of Shuai :)

11:48 L-S: I guess to be methodical you can go about this in two ways:
1. You can look at your CV and think about what jobs you could do and hope something you like comes up.
2. You can think about what you enjoy doing and work backwards to what that job might be.
11:49 me: I'm trying for option 2.
but it's hard when, all i enjoy doing is:
1. eating
11:50 2. clubbing
3. travelling
4. looking at good looking guys lol
so if there was a job out there which required me to fly around and entertain good looking guys, i'd be perfect for it :)
11:52 L-S: Haha :) I think there'd be high demand for that kind of job!!

Anyone know where I can get a job like that? ;)

If you see me idling out on gmail, can you please tell me to fix my CV?


Anonymous said...

yes!! i got one for you.

Knows how to write - tick
Loves to eat - tick
Loves to travel - tick



x ystar

reenie said...

Where's the bit about looking at good looking guys?!? *grin*

Know any hottie chefs? ;)

reenie said...

PS: Becoming a food critic also means I'm in danger of becoming a "dai fai por" *lol*