Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's in a name?

The funny thing about my name is that it constantly gets a mysterious "L" placed in it. Especially in emails. In fact, I was just called "Shileen". That's a new one, since most of the time I get "Shirleen". Where _is_ that "L" coming from? It's nowhere near the "R" or "E" keys. It's on the other side of the keyboard! My first name isn't long or complicated enough already, so let's throw in another random letter?

The thing I can't figure out though, is that if someone can get my email address right, how on earth did they get my name wrong in the first line of the email?!?

It's a pet annoyance of mine, since on business emails my eyeballs automatically flick up to check what I've typed out against the email address. Definitely don't want to be calling someone senior a "Doody" when they're a "Dody"... I kinda expect people to do the same, especially if they're wanting answers from me :P


Dalibor said...

try having name like mine ... i tend to get: dalibour, dalidor, dalidour, balidor

reenie said...

Daliborus :) *MUAH*

Secretary said...

Shileen is not as bad as being called Honey...especially by people you don't them to call you anything...even your real name...

So enjoy it Shyreen :b


reenie said...

Ok Banany ;)

Anonymous said...

shileen is like the piss take asian accent version of shireen *grin*

this is what i get;

hi my name is yin
oh hi lynn
Y-I-N (you deaf f8ck!)

I've even been called does that one work when i am a gurl?!!


reenie said...

I'm glad I never got your name wrong ystar ;)