Sunday, December 07, 2008

You're terrible, Muriel

I shouldn't have driven
You shouldn't have driven - but we got there
Had a good time, so we left the car
And the cabby was from a war-zone
We were glad he was driving us home
I was gladder of some movement
You took it on, you took it on board
I said, "Thank you, thank you, for loving me at my worst"

3am... I *think* I had said my goodbyes to Alwinee. I got in the cab. Halfway home, I roll down the window in the black cab and stick my head out. I get really, REALLY messy. But hey, whatever steak and vodka that comes out of me, comes out outside of the cab, eh? :) I can't stop. I feel a comforting pat on my back. We get out at home. The cabbie insists we wash the cab door. I run upstairs for the bucket. B grabs it from me and demands I go to bed. I swallow some Nurofen and pass out, leaving T, B & Diskies with the mess...

If this isn't love it's very close
Can you hear the world is waking up?
Can we be crazy for a few more years?
Have I got them in me?

*grin* Someone remind me next time that I can't hold my vodka down?!?

(Anna Banana sent me "The Best of The Whitlams" CD this week :) Don't be surprised if I start telling you to blow up the pokies *grin*)


Kevin said...

Love my classy Bwooberry... lol @ washin the cab. Thats great.

reenie said...

I wasn't the only one that upchucked that night though ;)

Dang Alwinee! Parties too hard! *grin*