Friday, January 08, 2010

The journey...

I have an awful awful sense of direction. My saving grace is that I live in Zone 1, and I'll eventually get home regardless of where I start out from.

So it started out here, at the Tower of Rondon
(home of the Crown Jewels and a 105-carat diamante. I've seen it, and yes, I will "settle" if you offer it to me *grin*).

That's an ice-rink on a moat infront of a castle, cool eh?
Literally cool. It's freaking freezing in Rondon atm.
Coldest winter *EVA*:

I'm sick as, and it's freezing. So I say my goodbyes and start trying to find my way home. Which would be a lot easier if I hadn't had 2 pints, Sudafed, paracetamol and no dinner. The cool thing is, landmarks are HUUUUGE in Rondon.

My first stop, Christopher Wren's Monument.
For the history buffs, the Monument marks the spot where the Great Fire of Rondon started in 1666.

It's the brightly lit tower thingy standing in at 61m tall, just left of center:

I might not know where I'm going, but I kinda know where I live.
There's a hovering clock tower which looks familiar at the end of the street:

At this point, I'm contemplating catching a black cab:

Or a double-decker bus:

But hang on! Aah hah!!
As the bus moves away, the giant dome
of St Paul's Cathedral (another Christopher Wren creation)
blinks out at me:

So I keep walking towards the giant dome,
stumbling down streets I've never stumbled down before:

Now I know where I am :)

Rondon wouldn't be Rondon without the cranes in the sky:

I walk through another piece of history.
Centuries-old meat market...

... or Middle-Age execution ground for heretics?
For those Braveheart fans, William Wallace was executed
just round the corner from here:

Kurz & Lang, where me and B go for half price wieners *grin*

And I'm finally home:

Give me lost in Rondon anytime over owning a GPS...


Dalibor said...

hehehe .... first 5 photos do look "drunk"

reenie said...

Just the first 5?? I was drunk all the way home *grin*