Wednesday, October 18, 2006

5am for fish

I had to wake up at 530am this morning. The fish market starts packing up at 730am, can you believe? Was it worth it? Hell yeah :) We came back with:
- 4kgs mussels
- 2 kgs prawns
- 3 bewdiful sea basses
- a bunch of razor clams!!

Our dinner and a comparison of B's finger to prawn

I spent the majority of today scrubbing mussels (hard work!) and eating fresh seafood *yumm* The only problem with Billingsgate Market is that most stalls only sell BOXES of produce. Whilst a 2kg box of prawns will feed us for a few days (we've already got plans for Viet summer rolls), a box of 13 fishies is going to make us sick of fish for the rest of the year! The huge tub of fresh scallops were also a tempting buy, but meant we would have to throw some sort of scallop party to use it up.

Rondoners - Billingsgate is definitely worth a visit. Especially when you get that fresh seafood hankering. This weekend is going to be seafood paella weekend at our house :)


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Where's my invite???

-seafood lovar-

reenie said...

Whoever you are, I hope you're not making sweet love to crustaceans :P