Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Breaking barriers

T: "C'mon! It'll be fun!"
Me: "No it wouldn't, it'll be laaaame!"
But I'm glad T made me do it :)

Something suspicious was happening at Liverpool St tube station. People were flocking to the center of the station. Cops were milling around. Cameras and mp3 players were everywhere. Everyone had their eyes on the giant clock on top of the announcement board... 19:23:57,
19:23:58, 19:23:59, 19:24:00 - "WOOOOOHOOOO!" The crowd raises a massive cheer and start to dance to their own music! Flashmob! The email was right:

Six minutes later, we got off the dance floor and went to get a better view of what was happening. We left, went for a drink, had KFC for dinner and came back an hour and a half later just in time to catch the end of the flashmob. Thanks T and B for helping me break my "too cool for school" barrier :)


Anonymous said...

God, getting through Liverpool st is a demonstration of the chaos theory at the best of times. Were there police there before the start of the mob? I'm curious if they knew it was happening. They were all over the place this morning, sniffer dogs too!


reenie said...

Yup, it was easy to figure out where the flashmob was going to take place. Basically where all the cops and odd groups of people were loitering :)