Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yup, it had to happen eventually. I was pickpocketed whilst shopping :( It's a heartbreaking moment when you realise your handbag is mysteriously open and your wallet suddenly void of the fifty quiddies you were planning to spend on shoes. Someone stole my shoe money :( It could've been worse, a lot more stuff could've been taken - mobile, passport, credit cards, etc. But all I lost was the money. I'm normally pretty careful with my bag, and I can't remember a moment when this could've happened. Someone actually had the time to open my bag, dig through it, go to the side pocket, take out my wallet, remove cash, and put it back in.

Karma schmarma. I'd been good to people that day. Lugging prams up and down stairs at the tube station for mothers. I guess bad things don't need a reason to happen.

The worse part of the day? There was no size in any of the shoes I liked :(

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