Monday, October 30, 2006

Bad taste?

Usually, I don't watch South Park unless I've read about the latest scandal in the episode via news or blogs. So when I read various news articles about last week's ep being in bad taste for portraying Steve Irwin with a stingray in his chest, it was definitely one I wanted to watch.

You know what? South Park could've done a LOT worse to Steve Irwin's memory. Steve Irwin was in the cartoon only long enough to get kicked out of Satan's halloween party. About a minute. Even Satan thought it was too soon to dress up like Steve Irwin! So here's my question to you, of the images below, which do you find more offensive in context?
Steve Irwin with a stingray in his chest

Dahmer having sex with intestines from a murder victim?

Btw, for _the_best_ episode of South Park ever (IMHO), check out Season 10 Episode 8, "Make Love not Warcraft".

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Anonymous said...

I watched the WOW episode a few weeks ago, and cried with laughter. ;p