Monday, November 06, 2006

No laptop, no blogging

On hiatus till I get my laptop back. It's just not the same when I have to hijack B's Vaio to blog :P My lappy's in the Apple Store, with the "geniuses", getting a new battery, logic board and power pack. Considering I've only had the MBP for about 6 months, that's a lot of repairs. Did I mention that I've been trying to get an appointment with the "geniuses" at tech support for THREE WEEKS? Everyday, I've been logging on to their website to try and book an appointment, always failing. I finally had to pay 79 quid to become a Procare Member which allows me to rock up without an appointment. Good un Apple. I could rant all day about Apple's crappy support. "Come back tomorrow at 10am and we'll try and book you an appointment," Apple support tells me. What, I don't have a job? How do they think I afforded their expensive laptop? Baaah... Not to mention my battery was on the recall list. I swear I checked it and it wasn't on the list (Apple guy, "Well the numbers haven't changed!").

My advice, don't buy first gen Apple products. The amount of effort you have to go through to get support from Apple is ridiculous. First they make it impossible to get an appointment without coughing up hard earnt squiddies. Then they'll make it seem like it's _your_ fault that things break down on a 6 month old laptop. Uh huh... Apple, you can be such a goat fcker.

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