Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh. Dear. Lord.

Turning 28 made my stomach churn. Literally. Painfully. Multiple times... It was a great night :) Thank you to my wonderful flatmates who threw me a surprise Belvedere themed party. Thank you to all the guests who showed up, and I'm sorry for leaving the scene soo early. You try keeping down spicy korean instant noodles, beer, 5 cocktails (4 of which were doubles), and vodka shots :P I'm glad I didn't find any mystery vomit in _my_ room! *Look at T* Hahaha!
Start of the night, still on my feet:

Getting that lovey dovey feeling:

Hrm, I think that was my last cocktail:

PS: The new haircut is a Vidal Sassoon job :) And congrats to the newly weds, Mrs & Mr MacGregor!


mushiejc said...

happy bday reenie - glad you had a good night! love the haircut - remember you gotta train that side part!! :)

reenie said...

Thanks Jen :) I had to wash my hair the next day :( It doesn't look so stylo anymore.