Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pushca - Chasing the Dragon

It's like a club stole my blog theme! So what exactly does "being Oriental" mean to Rondoners? Err, from what I saw that night, it means putting chopsticks in your hair and waving a fan!! It's an odd experience being one of the few *real* Orientals at an Oriental themed party. Who were the other real Orientals? My flatmates! *lol*
Everyone wants to be Oriental:

Rondon isn't a racist city. It's just... a tad insensitive to other cultures. I guess it's hard for people to look beyond stereotypes, and keep in mind this _is_ a theme party. So paddy field hats, cheong sams, kimonos, badly drawn moustaches and konichiwas are all to be expected. To be honest, I did feel offended that my culture was being taken the piss out of. But *shrug* like I said, it's a theme party. There was no way I was going to bother lecturing Poms that night that it took more than chopstick skillz to be Oriental (yup, someone did stop by to show me his 1337 skillz).

And if you take note from this picture (nsfw), nipple tassles are apparently all the rage with Orientals :P

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