Friday, November 24, 2006

Reenie Only @ Armin Only

I remember the first time I saw Armin van Buuren play. It was a Godskitchen event. It was at Gas 4 years ago. It was the October long weekend. It was the first time B met C, and C wore sheep pants to impress us ;) I think the night ended with C and I sitting on the floor downing tequila shots!
Armin, fireworks, lasers and dancers who looked like hookers:

This year, I saw Armin play at Armin Only, in Ahoy, Rotterdam. Just me, solo, front row, and I was in Armin heaven. It was brilliant! From start, to finish, I was listening to Armin play for about 7 hours. My legs gave out at the 4th hour and I couldn't dance anymore. Sitting down at the back of the dancefloor alone is a bad idea though. There are a loooot of crazy concerned Dutch people out there :) "Are you okay? Is everything alright? It's a party! You can't sit down! Don't you like to party?" Errr, I must be getting old.

Armin hid behind a screen for an hour. This is his "I am Jesus" pose:

Listening to Armin use to be a part of my everyday work routine. Plug in, block out everything but the music, forget how sucky the project is, and just focus on getting the job done. To hear Armin play all the tunes that made me happy and forget everything that sucked... It was worth dealing with insane airport security and travelling to Holland for. For the life of me though, I couldn't get a clear pic of Armin :P

Woo, laser lights...

Armin's been a DJ for 10 years, and I hope he's got at least another 10 more in him. It's really a tough call between him and Paul van Dyk as to who's my fave DJ. Both brilliant, PvD is perhaps more consistent with his sets, but Armin when he gets it right, it's unbeatable. More blurry Armin pix available on my flickr set.

Ula and Wilco, I did miss you... I was at a loss as to what to do once the shops closed in Amsterdam! Haha :)

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