Sunday, January 21, 2007

#6: Ferry Corsten

I know I made it a priority this year to be a bigger DJ slut, but do you realise how hard it is to go clubbing at midnight when it's cold and potentially raining outside? Not to mention I'm a lot closer to 30 these days and my body's breaking down on me (excuses excuses). Regardless, I made the effort to see Ferry Corsten play at Turnmills last Friday. He's ranked No. 6 on the Top 100 DJ Mag list. Sadly, Ferry's music didn't inspire me to stay very long. At 3.30am, an hour and a half into his 4 hour set, I left for home. I use to love Ferry's music. These days, his sets seem... boring. So, no more Ferry Corsten for me this year. I did manage to get up close to him though :) I had to shine my super bright mobile light at him in order to take this really fuzzy picture *lol* Poor guy...

I can't wait for Above and Beyond in Glasgow next weekend! You can listen to their weekly radio broadcast every Tuesday @ 8pm UK time at their website.

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