Sunday, January 14, 2007


Having dropped off the kiddies at the Gate Picturehouse, and finding myself at a loose end, I headed back to an old coffee haunt - Arancina. With my cup of mocha and a window view, I started to space out and ponder the logistics of cooking 2 Hainanese chickens for tonight's dinner.

Then random bits of conversation from the American and Kiwi guys sitting in the corner started to filter in.

"Why solve other people's problems when you have your own?"
"You know what I hate? People who donate to animal shelters..."
"I hate those people who sell the Big Issue, and they're not really selling it, they're just pretending..."
"I don't give money to homeless people... they're just going to use it on drugs..."
"NZ is sending all this money to Africa..."

I tuned in.

I guess I never expected much from an insular American, but I've never heard a Kiwi speak like that before. Bit of a surprise. It's such a bad attitude to take. What's wrong with solving other people's problems if I have the chance? Does it really take away from my ability to solve my own problems? These people, have obviously never had to go hungry for more than a couple of hours in a day. Or never had to lose a home. If the homeless used the money I give them for drugs or alcohol, why chide them for it? I'd rather give my money to the homeless than to the Scientologists. What else have the homeless got to make their lives bearable? Why didn't society prevent people from living on the streets in the first place? What I've noticed a lot in Rondon are homeless people on the streets passed out. During the day. It makes me realise how cruel a city Rondon can be to those without money. Why would you want to be awake if you're broke, cold, alone, starving? I'd do the same and knock myself out for as many hours of the day with cheap wine to forget. When I first moved here, the sight of homeless people scared me. They weren't all old and "crazy". There were a few who looked my age, living out of suitcases in tube tunnels near my place. It could easily have been me if I didn't have friends or family here.

One last thing I heard from the guys, "I like short girls. Probably because my Mum's so short. I like short girls." Wowsers. That's a Freudian slip and a half. Wonder if he wants to kill his father too. My verdict - he's gotta be single, and probably doesn't understand why :P

Is it wrong to eavesdrop? And then publish it online for your friends to read? I'm sure plenty of my private conversations have been picked up before. You can always tell when someone closeby starts smirking into their drink. Well, if you happen to be gossiping in a cafe, watch out for the short oriental in the corner with a mocha :P


pierre said...

hey don't tar all us Kiwi's with that brush... (and I know you liked that at least one kiwi guy that liked short girls)

reenie said...

Funnily enough, I know one Kiwi who declared, "I don't like short girls!" to me the first time I met him. Great first impression, P ;) Can't wait to see you soon :D

reenie said...

PS: And I never had any guy say to me he liked me because I reminded him of his MUM!!!

pierre said...

I never had a girl say that I reminded them of their mum either...

E.V.E. Secretary said...

Well the point is were they looking in your direction when they were talking about short girls:0

If the world wasn't full of $hit heads like that...why would anyone go hungry...there is enough food wasted in the world and thrown out every day.that will feed every person on the planet for a month...

Its not the kiwis, or americans...(although I have equal reason to dislike both...(more the Kiwis in a Rugby World cup year)

Word of advise...if you want to eavesdrop on to have your head phones in your ears so if they say something stupid and you burst in laughter you could pretend that its all in your head ;)