Sunday, January 28, 2007

#9: Above & Beyond

Fck, Above & Beyond were absolutely *brilliant*. It was worth flying over to Glasgow just to see them. It was worth all the lines I had to wait in just to see them! Airport security (the usual), getting on the plane, traffic jam in Glasgow, waiting to get inside the club, waiting for the cloakroom... All worth it to see Above & Beyond live.

Funny thing about Scottish clubbers. They're the most enthusiastic about DJs! It's BYO whistles (admittedly I wanted to garrote the guy with his whistle yard), and mass chanting. No kidding. "Go! Go! Here we fcking go!" Or for those who felt more inspired, "Let's! Let's! Let's go fcking mental!"

What on earth?

So here are some statistics for the night:
- Number of orientals in the club: 1 (that's me)
- Number of guys who kissed my hand/cheek: 5
- Number of chicks who kissed my cheek: 1
- Number of wasters who tried picking me up: 2
- Number of wasters who fondled his bits after I turned him down: 1
- Age of the youngest guy who tried to pick me up: 19 (man, I felt like a paedophile)
- Number of guys who showed me his chest and asked if I liked it: 2 (must be a weird Scottish mating call thing)
- Number of times topless guy next to me rubbed against me: 3 (ewwww...)
- Number of guys who took off clothes for me: 1 (He said, "It's really hot in here. I said, "Why don't you take it off?" So he took _everything_ off. I just meant his jumper, I swearz)

And this, made my night:
- Number of times I was kissed by the Above & Beyond DJ: 3!!! :D W00T!!!

I in turn became a giddy schoolgirl and started yelling, "I LOVE YOOOU!!"
The one on the left smooched me :)


mushiejc said...

gosh reenie - what are you doing out there on the dance floor to get all these propositions!! :)

now everytime i think of reenie i'll imagine a screaming dj groupie - just like a teeny bopper at a movie premiere :)

reenie said...

Hrm, maybe I need to wear a bra with better support when I go dancing *grin* More than anything, I think the Scots just thought I was exotic :P

You're hassling me?? Might I just remind you of your hubby the groupie? :)