Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Decapitator

That should be my nickname. After months of ripping off and freezing prawn heads from making paella, laksa and Vietnamese summer rolls, we decided to make room in the freezer and cook up Har Meen!
Step 1: Fry up prawn heads


I now understand why my Mum only makes this for my brother's birthday. The pork and prawn stock takes freaking forever to cook! To the Rondoners out there wondering where their invite was, errr, it got lost in the mail :P My valid excuse is, we don't have enough bowls to cater for guests in our house!

Yin* I hope you're proud of my efforts :)

1 comment:

E.V.E. Secretary said...

food looks awesome...i can't believe you waited this long to see the change of the realise they don't do it everyday...I can't remember if its odd or even days...but find out...
Chickens with metal poles MMh MMMh...actually, Nah I don't get it