Monday, April 16, 2007

Troo Wuuuuv

In hindsight, I should've warned Ula and Wilco about my last bridesmaid experience. My first time, I went to Malaysia to be bridesmaid for a cousin. I got the wrong colour dress to begin with (the bride wanted me in pastel and I just thought, "I'll get this dark lilac silvery dress instead cause I look good in it"). Then there was the drama of me getting my heel caught in the bride's skirt in the car and literally tumbling out of the car and onto the floor infront of her in-laws. Classy entrance. I did learn my lesson though, and made sure my heels didn't get caught in Ula's skirt this time round ;)

I must be the clutziest bridesmaid EVER. I thought I was doing well on Sunday... until I fell down the stairs at Ula and Wilco's apartment. I blame the heels, but to be honest, it was probably just me being uncoordinated and trying to carry too much - a garment bag, my overnight bag, Ula's overnight bag, Ula's bag with shoes, my own bag with shoes and my handbag. I'm freaking lucky that I didn't break my neck. Although the rubber ends of both my heels did go flying off. I managed to find them and whack them back into my shoes. Not the most elegant bridesmaid thing to do. However, I lost one of them again, and ended up clacking down the pavement at the ceremony.

Mental note, the most important things to have in your wedding emergency kit are safety pins (*someone* stepped on the bride's hoop and broke some tulle), and a hammer.

In hindsight, I also realise why I wasn't asked to do a speech at the wedding *grin* Maybe because the last time I did a speech for Ula, I got really drunk to gain the courage, and ended up groping Philo's (great) ass, Uma's (great) boobies, and kissing Ula's (great) lips.

So, to save myself from any lesbianish embarrassment this time round, I'll blog my speech to Ula and Wilco.

Ula, I've known you for at least 16 years, and I've even lived with you for a year. For that one year that I lived with you, I woke up every morning to the phone ringing at 7am, when Wilco called, and to your footsteps running down the hallway and past my door, to answer the phone. In those 16 years I've known you, I've never seen you happier than when you are by Wilco's side. I knew you found the right man when I saw you and Wilco together. Wilco is the one who will make you smile when you're down. The one who will be there for you when it counts. The one who will take care of you and put you first before himself. And the one who will love you for an eternity :) When Wilco said, "I DO", at the wedding, he said it loud and proud, and I'm sure the whole of Sydney could hear him.

Wilco, I've only known you for about 5 years, and although we've spent probably about a month together in total in the same city, you've become my Dutch big brother :) Ula was a bit stressed out in the bridal car about getting there in time to marry you *grin* I had to keep telling the driver, "Mate you have to drive faster!! The bride says we have to get there soon!" Ula wanted everything to be perfect, not just for herself, but for you too. Ula is the one who will always want everything to be perfect for the both of you. When Ula made the big move to the Netherlands to be with you and Krelis, even though she was allergic to cats, I knew that this was it, and that you were really special to Ula. I know in my heart, that Ula is your perfect match.

So this is what you've both proven to me, that true love really does exist. That true love doesn't let anything get in the way, and that true love overcomes all trials. Here is my toast, to Ula and Wilco, and to true love.

*clink virtual champagne glass*

PS: As the drunken bridesmaid, I ended up in bed with another girl ;) *lol*


Anonymous said...

Hi Reenie,

Thanks for your nice words! You made me create a little tear... And again, thanks for all the effort you have put into our wedding.

An anonymous knuffer.

Anonymous said...

Shireen believes in true love *fall over backwards*.

Ula & Wilco, wow!

I'm going to be an astronaut....