Friday, August 17, 2007


Lately, I've been virtually bitten, and I wonder if it happens to other bloggers. I thought the whole point of a blog is to express your humble opinions honestly. On life. On love. On society. On human interactions. However, it's all online. There's the personal touch missing. If I were telling these stories face-to-face, it'd be over a coffee or a cocktail. It'd be a two-way conversation and you'd defend your view against mine. We'd laugh and get over it.

Somehow, when it's over the internets, it's different. I say things, and it gets misinterpreted. It gets misconstrued. Readers are offended. Don't get me wrong, the majority of feedback I've received on my blog, has been positive. Yet there's still that percentage of small disgruntled readers. To be honest, that percentage is probably small only because I have no idea my readers are disgruntled. It's only occurred to me recently that whatever I write, could be hurtful. Yet...

It feels wrong to me that I have to watch what I say on my own blog. Maybe I'm a little less tactful. Maybe I'm just predantic (AdF - ;) ) about certain topics. Whatever it is, I never mean to offend. And I do apologise for offending. Sincerely.

What brought this on? DG's emails to me. Yeah you, DG ;) And other conflicts that have happened recently.

I know I've been preaching about dancing skillz lately :P But, when you get down to it, orientals really can kickass on the dancefloor *grin* Link me to something better than what these guys can do.
Modern day robot at its best:

Algorithm dance with NINJAS:

You know, don't be afraid of telling me your PoV. I want to know. Email me, or comment on my blog. Personally, I don't believe in censorship. At the same time, don't take everything I write so seriously. Have a beer before you read my blog if it helps :P


Anonymous said...

ummmm ok ... a virtual challenge was the intent, not a virtual bite ... sorry if it was framed too harshly! & don't worry i'm not offended, you can obliquely make fun of my dancing just as much as you like, it's well deserved :)

neither small nor disgruntled
dg (hug)

Anonymous said...

that was crap robot dancing. and asian's can't dance! I don't think I've ever seen an asian back up dancer anywhere :P