Monday, August 20, 2007

LS said it best:

"Most people shouldn't drink and drive, you shouldn't drink and communicate :)"

Mm, does it count if I actually figured out that 1am Rondon time equates to 10am Sydnery time, and therefore, it was fine to send you a drunken message? :) I felt it was important to express my thanks for the RAM! *grin* I didn't think it was as important to spell correctly ;)

I really should get my internet and phone taken off me after a couple of beers though. Geez. There have been some doozies these past couple of weeks. I remember running up to a sports car filled with young arrogant pups (YAP) on Saturday night. It had wing doors, so it was either a Lamborghini, or a souped up Supra *lol* I couldn't tell :P

Me: "What do you do for a living?"
YAP: "Property development, rental estates..."
Me: "How much do you earn?"
YAP: "43,000 pounds per MONTH."
Me: (Dubious) "Do your parents have a lot of money??"
YAP: "No man! I'm a self-made millionaire!"

This boy, looked about 16 years old! Complete with giant diamond bling in his ear. Although, that could've been a cubic zirconia :P I think he was having me on :P No, I didn't climb into the car. I ran off and joined my mates to catch the N18 bus home :) All those Ferrari drivers out there, better watch out for the curious drunken oriental. I want answers!


Anonymous said...

Reenie, what are you doing!!! giving up sugar daddy material!!??



reenie said...

Sugar daddy?? More like a sugar baby!!! :)

Trini said...

So that's what you were doing!! ;)