Sunday, August 05, 2007


Summer's here. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sometimes, you hear a story, and it restores your fate a little in love, and finding your soul mate.

A guy, meets a girl at a mutual friend's wedding. They glance across the room at each other. 2 days later they were engaged. 3 months later they were married. Now they have 2 kids and are a happy young family. From the moment when they saw each other, they just knew it was meant to be...

So to my male drinking buddies last Friday night, who have never said the "L" word - I hope it happens to you and you find out what the "L" word feels like. Fingers crossed you're at the right place when the cosmic stars are aligned ;)


Anonymous said...

The L-word?!
Want to tell us something? :-)


reenie said...

Yeah, that "Men are commitment phobes" :P

niffs said...

mmm giant sunflower