Friday, August 24, 2007

Youth crime

Youth crime is pretty scary in the UK. It's scary to see headlines like, "11 year old shot. First pictures," on evening papers. It's scary to read about young teens getting killed in their own bed. If you're not safe in your own home, where can you go?

An 11 year old, walking home after playing football, gets shot by a youth aged 13-15. When I was 13... I was worried about doing well in school, making friends, gawd knows what other trivial sht. Where does a 13 year old get a gun from? Why would a 13 year old think of shooting someone? It scares the bejeezus out of me.

Kids in the UK, they're... different. It makes me feel old to say, "Kids these days, have no respect". Not for their elders, not for themselves, not for anyone else. A lady sat down next to me on the bus the other day. She pulled out her mobile and called her mum ("HIYA MUM! ARE YOU OWRIGH?"). From her very loud conversation, I found out that she herself was a mother of a teenage daughter. The daughter wizzes with the toilet door open. Doesn't wash her hands. Goes into the kitchen, touches everything and makes herself tea and a snack. Apparently she does this all the time.

When I was young, if I ever did anything like that, my Mum would've smacked the crap out of me. Although my Dad never laid a hand on me, my Mum was never afraid to pull out the rattan feather duster for a good caning. If I did something to deserve it. My brothers apparently use to get chilli rubbed onto their lips. Kinda backfired, my second brother grew up to be a bigger chilli addict than I am :P

The lady next to me, all she did was, tell her daughter that she should wash her hands after coming out of the toilet. Her daughter apparently gave her "a look" and ignored her. End of disciplining.


I'm not trying to enforce child abuse :P But... Come on!!! Instill some fear into your kids :P

The lady next to me then spent the rest of the trip justifying to her own mother why she had to "have a word" with her daughter about hygiene.


How do kids grow up like that? I just have no idea. I really don't want kids. Way too much time and effort to invest in kids. Especially when they turn out like that.

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