Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dodgy orientals

I love my "Fong Jaow" ("Phoenix Claws", the fancy name for "chicken feet"). It's funny when I go to dim sum (the British name for yum cha) with a caucasian crowd, and they always make fun of "Fong Jaow". It's like the biggest challenge to eat something like chicken feet. But I love it. Fresh from a steamer. This though, I wouldn't touch... Chicken feet preserved in gawd knows what, vacuum packed in plastic, and sold in an oriental supermarket as a snack.
*Bleargh* It looks so bad:

It's also quite a worry when you're eating at a restaurant and the menu plugs one of its selling points as, "Excellent Hygiene". Excellent hygiene? Shouldn't ALL restaurants have excellent hygiene? Is it something that needs to be advertised? Should I be worried that the restaurant has to be explicit about its hygiene standards?!?

Well, all I can say is, I had a really bad tummy the next day :P It could've been the prawns, it could've been the chilli oil. At least I can rest assured that it wasn't because of poor hygiene :P


niffs said...

After someone I know made their chicken feet dish 'walk', I haven't been able to look at them again :p

reenie said...

Just think of all those chicken amputees walking around on stumps *grin*